A Guide To Release Notes Plus A Free Template + Examples!

Be funny, be conversational, and leave little easter eggs for people who read all the way through your release notes. Using release notes to showcase your business’s personality is a great way to improve customer loyalty and set you apart from the competition. Release notes briefly describe the changes in an update or what a new product is supposed to do.

This tool provides a common workplace for technical teams to collaborate, document, track and share their knowledge, brainstorm ideas, store digital assets, and innovate together. They can interlink release notes with other bit documents inside of their workspaces with Bit’s wiki feature for both- internal use and external sharing. If you’re looking to create release notes for your product or product features, then we’ve got you covered.

Teams might disseminate the above information through different channels such as email, blog posts, in-app notifications, etc. But their content is worthy of being called ‘product release notes’. The ease-of-use UiPath offers with its table of contents feature makes the navigation of the release notes even easier. If users have questions about past releases, they can easily access the release notes table of contents.

what is a release note

Companies bury their release notes on their website and then complain about why nobody reads them. Instead, they just need to learn where to place these updates. Since writing a quality release note requires condensing a lot of information down, you also want to make sure that the information you are providing isn’t taken out of context. Be sure to read all of the developer’s notes to fully understand the update or fix. However, you should always make sure that it reflects everything a new feature or a bug fix is all about. Using fun language can set your release notes apart from other companies.

How to Write Release Notes?

In the fast-paced world of software and product development, staying ahead of the game is crucial. Release notes have long been vital to keeping users informed about updates and improvements. With a changelog tool like Canny, you can keep track of all your progress and delight your customers at the same time.

This communication is especially effective since the app is where the changes will have the biggest effect. The slideout grabs attention and notifies users about updates without taking them out of the app itself. AnnounceKit can be integrated inside your platform to display in-app product updates, and you can set up a dedicated feed on a standalone page to keep a record of your past announcements. It’s a great tool if you have an international audience because it can create posts in multiple languages and produce translations. Properly categorizing the content of your release notes makes it easier for your users to quickly pinpoint the information that’s most relevant. Release notes are easier to absorb when they’re divided into sections and more manageable to browse.

This is essential in product development because it helps customers feel more connected with your company and product. It also helps them see how much time and effort you put into ensuring they have the best experience possible, which is at the core of customer-centric companies. Lastly, on our list for best practices when writing good release notes, is to ask for feedback. Find ways to survey your customers and get their feedback on how you’re delivering release notes and product changes.

Why are release notes important?

Automated Release Notes (ARN) from Amoeboids can resolve this issue by helping them grasp these changes with the help of dedicated release pages and in-app widgets. This also facilitates the recording of customer feedback on release notes and helps organizations gauge their perception. It takes just once to set up the pages and widgets that keep customers constantly updated via automation. Retool categorizes their updates as “Minor,” “Improvement,” and “New.” If a user wants to focus only on “New” features within the list, they’re easy to find.

  • Release notes are an essential part of the software development process that helps your business communicate with users.
  • This project provides guidelines and a tool-agnostic format for writing changelogs.
  • The content of release notes also vary according to the release type.
  • There are several tools that specialize in helping teams create release notes.
  • They bring both internal and external stakeholders up to speed with the latest changes in a product.

It is a copywriting trick that instantly transforms the way the textual information is perceived. Users are subconsciously more likely to read the text when they see “you”. We don’t know about you, but when the rumors that Elon Musk had purchased Twitter were confirmed, we got excited. The possibilities seemed endless as to what Musk could do to improve the platform.

Non-major update announcement

Keeping your notes organized will show empathy to your customers and help arrange your thoughts in a logical manner. At the top of the page, you’ll find bullet points detailing the release version and release date of each change. If you’re especially sharp, you’ll notice that the graphics are only available with the first note every month. We’d like to assume it’s either the most complex or most significant change monday.com has made in that month. By using SaaS marketing strategies, you can make a difference among your competitors in the digital world where competition is increasing day by day.

See why Rapidr is the release notes tool of choice among SaaS companies. Release notes refer to the technical written documentation distributed and produced alongside the launch of a product update or a new software product. Release notes are an opportunity to send a message and communicate with your customers and with your broader market. If they are written well, release notes can increase customer loyalty and nurture engagement. With the high frequency of releases, it can be a challenge for customers to keep track of them. They have to constantly track version changes that may have any other dependencies.

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A poor pitch in the release notes inflates the brand and overpromises before mentioning the change. “We’re here to save the planet, something we’ve done successfully with every updated release. Our new hotfix includes 50% less energy consumption.” It comes across as arrogant, a real trust-killer with your audience. The people who scan release notes are there for a reason—they want information on what’s been changed in the latest release and how that affects them. Make sure the text clearly shows what’s been changed, and highlight what those changes mean to the user.

what is a release note

Here are a few more guidelines to make sure you publish engaging release notes. Follow these tips if you’d like your release notes to be an asset instead of a burden. This project provides guidelines and a tool-agnostic format for writing changelogs. It also offers a Python library called towncrier for generating changelogs.

Release notes are an important way of communicating updates made to a platform to the end-user and internal team. Admittedly, release notes don’t have the most exciting of names. However, don’t let this affect the view your customers have of them. Make your release notes fun, engaging, and even something that customers look forward to.

They also serve as a resource for users who want to know what has changed in their product version and how it may affect their usage. Being a customer-centric company, you want to value your customers and communicate every product update to them. Why do your product updates and new features not reach their https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ desired users? Because you are not leveraging a top communication channel, “Release notes.” Some users don’t want to scrounge around a lengthy release note document on your website or through email. Feefo uses Appcues to announce its latest features, releases, and announcements in the app itself.

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