Kotlin VS Java: Which is an Ideal Choice For Android App Development

The ever-expanding Kotlin community monitors the language’s progress and provides feedback, guaranteeing its continued upkeep and support. Developers must manually manage null values using null checks and conditional statements since Java lacks built-in null safety capabilities. This may increase the risk of issues and even cause null pointer errors during android app development service.

to Choose Kotlin Language and Professional Service Provider

The common usage of DSL language is HTML in Web development, Gradlein build tools, SQL in data management, XML for the Markup language, etc. Though we might have experience in above mentioned one or more languages but we might not know that we are using DSL. In Kotlin programming language, programmers don’t need to declare the type of variables explicitly. It will automatically determine the data type based on the value assigned to it. After creating any methods in Java, it will be more critical to modify the existing methods for better results.

Java vs. Kotlin: Downsides of Java

In terms of cross-platform development, both Kotlin and Flutter have their own strengths. Kotlin is more mature, stable and has a more robust ecosystem, and it’s a good choice for android development, especially for those who are already experienced with Java. Kotlin is a computer programming language that was created in 2011 by JetBrains. It is a type of language that can be used on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, web, and desktop. This means that with Kotlin, you can use the same set of instructions for making an app on different platforms. From every passing year, the cross platform app development market is multiplying, especially for startups.

Even though lambda functions have so many more uses, readability issues make it less desirable. They’ll make your code shorter, but figuring out the code later will be much more difficult. You will definitely find bunches of resources, forums, and sample projects, etc and, therefore, you will not find yourself alone in the market.

System Design: Chat Application

Code written using Kotlin works as well with Java as it does natively, meaning it’s interoperable. Kotlin uses aggressive inference to determine values and expressions. These case studies demonstrate the real-world benefits of transitioning to Kotlin and highlight its potential for driving app success.

  • Kotlin is a programming language that may be used instead of Java to design Android apps.
  • It compiles with JVM bytecode and can easily be used without dropping off or having to rewrite the whole project.
  • It’s similar to a language both the programmer and the computer can comprehend, and Kotlin is one of the alternatives.
  • Handling and the execution of multiple threads can be complex if the threads are not managed appropriately.
  • Already considered a mature ecosystem, Kotlin’s popularity is growing rapidly, especially within the mobile development scene.
  • Kotlin development offers several benefits over conventional Java development, including higher productivity and quicker development cycles.
  • It is quite easy to maintain and debug this language, so it is a good language to start with.

You can compile, run, and test the examples which are automatically extracted directly from the book. The string templates of Kotlin enables developers to assign any dynamic value directly to the strings. They can also easily print statements in Kotlin using the templates. Kotlin is not like Java, and it lets developers automatically handle redundant casts without the need of checking type or having to cast it inside a statement.

Top 5 programming languages for Android today

It’s considered by many developers to be a cleaner, neater version of Java. KotlinKotlin was introduced in 2017 as a secondary “official” language by Google. It is increasingly becoming the new standard and it can https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ be used on several tools and IDEs. Kotlin requires fewer lines of code are needed to achieve the same functionality. Kotlin and Java are both native development programming apps which have their own pros and cons.

Kotlin plugin is bundled with Android Studio starting from version 3.0. The language also integrates with some of the the main build tools such as Gradle, Maven, Ant, and Kobalt. It compiles with JVM bytecode and can easily be used without dropping off or having to rewrite the whole project. NullPoinerExceptions is a real issue for Java developers using non-nullable variables. It can be frustrating because null represents the absence of value. Hence, developers need to write additional lines of code to solve this issue.


Both languages have advantages and disadvantages, so picking one over the other often depend on the project’s particular needs and the development team’s preferences. The benefit of adopting the Kotlin language for cross-platform app development is that it compiles code in the same format as the platform you are using. Kotlin programming language is an interoperable language with Java, so it inherits the benefits of Java too. It offers many benefits to develop their applications with Java. Java is becoming the more popular language among app developers because of its simplicity. There are some reasons behind using Java that developers want to continue their projects with it.

to Choose Kotlin Language and Professional Service Provider

It may seem that Java is a perfect language, but just like any other programming language, Java has its shortcomings. Kotlin’s creators anticipated that it would be 100% interoperable with Java. Moreover, to make the process of adoption smoother and easier, JetBrain developed a Java to Kotlin converter and integrated it into IntelliJ. This works pretty well, but still may need a few human tweaks such as adjusting nulls (related to null safety) or inline variable initialization.


A large community supports Java and has many resources, including libraries, frameworks, and tools. The fact that many Android programmers are already conversant in Java facilitates the availability of both resources and experience. Data members or data types which are declared statically are known as the static data members of the class.

Summing up, when it comes to choosing the right language for Android app development, there are several options available. Java has been the official language for Android, but Kotlin has emerged as a popular choice for developers due to its modern features and ease of use. There are several https://www.globalcloudteam.com/10-reasons-why-you-need-kotlin-development-company/ technological possibilities when creating an app. They allow you to design a mobile app for iOS and Android simultaneously. They are eligible for Apple and Google Stores, like native apps. C# and C++C# and C++ are compatible languages for Android Studio and iOS mobile development software.

A complete Introduction to Kotlin

The negative impact of this feature is that tracing the status of all threads at once is not possible, so it may raise mistakes in the program. Tutorials Point is a leading Ed Tech company striving to provide the best learning material on technical and non-technical subjects. New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. This example demonstrates how to change the language of an app when the user selects language using Kotlin. Kotlin provides a special way to prevent null checking with special non-nullable types.

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