Service Category: Repair and Maintenance

Scope of Service and Maintenance

We repair a wide range of electronic, electro-mechanical, and hydraulic equipment used in hospitals and laboratories country-wide.

What is our level of maintenance for laboratory equipment

To ensure that you stay within your budgets and also ensure that your equipment run effectively and without a hitch, your firstpriority should always be equipment maintenance. Below is what we consider to be the ideal maintenance procedure.

Cleanliness is one of the easiest, most affordable and most obvious ways to keep your equipment in great shape but it’s surprisingly more overlooked than you may think.

It’s advisable to:

  • Carry out a daily wipe down of all equipment exteriors
  • Carry out a weekly deep clean of all equipment
  • Carry out a regular deep clean of microscopes using a 70:30 mixture of ether and alcohol – this ensures that they are sufficiently clean to yield most accurate results
  • Consult the manual or Equipment supplier on any specific processes for cleaning demanding equipment. Haematology machines, for example, typically require a 6 monthly check by an engineer, a weekly analyser surface clean and an HC control check monthly.
  • Consider outsourcing cleaning of challenging items to a qualified professional; third party equipment maintenance and cleaning can be a cost-effective alternative

Failure to regularly calibrate equipment can lead to a lack of accuracy with your data, an oversight which could end up bringing entire equipment to a halt.


Additionally, proper calibration can also improve lab safety wherever hazardous chemicals are used. As a result, it’s imperative that the process is conducted on a consistent basis. There are various services available to ensure your equipment is regularly calibrated and done so to the right standard.

From time to time, lab equipment will wear out and stop working. But, rather than immediately disposing of faulty equipment, take the time to see if parts could be replaced or items can be repaired instead.


Repairing and replacing parts can be an effective way to increase lifespan and keep down costs. Due to the nature of the equipments, some parts will wear out quicker than others but, when adequately managed, these can be replaced in time to prevent problems or burnout.