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Just like other countries, the authorities at Malta also ensure to comply with AML and KYC process. The more properties a token can have, the higher its value in the market will be. Each role defined for the token has a specific purpose for which features can be decided as per the business needs. Our team of experts are ready to assess your environment and recommend the right plan to fit your needs. Our team of experts are ready to assess your environment and recommend the right solutions to fit your needs. Concerned about future-proofing your business, or want to get ahead of the competition?

ICOs have no barrier to entry, while only fully compliant companies can issue security tokens. STOs are also less prone to speculation and market manipulation than ICOs. Security Token Offerings (STOs) are a relatively new form of raising capital through blockchain and cryptocurrency. They represent an alternative to traditional equity investment and are one of the most promising new trends in the crypto world. Launching an STO campaign is no small task; you will need to handle a plethora of details to the smallest minutiae. It would be a smart idea to partner up with an experienced STO company that will accompany you on each stage of your STO launch journey, from consultation to the issuance of security tokens.

STO Funding for Blockchain Projects

ICOs might have dominated the crowdfunding market in 2017 but this year, the concept of STOs is expected to take off in a huge way by providing investors with safe investment opportunities. Many believe that it might finally be the highly sought-after solution for crowdfunding through the cryptocurrency market. STOs are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and they take advantage of securities exemption such as Reg A+. For example, tokens issued in STOs give investors some rights to the firm or organization issuing them.

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STO is very similar to ICO but is compliant with securities legislation in the location where the token is being offered for investment. As STOs are compliant with related laws and rules, they create additional legal obligations for issuing equities in the company. Regulations in the sector are expected to encourage more investors to jump on board such projects, thus increasing the potential of more blockchain projects succeeding.

What is a Security Token Offering?

Since the technology that underpins security tokens is blockchain, the advantages are numerous. Over the last few years, ICOs have notoriously been a target of many fraudulent scams, because the industry is still heavily underregulated. As utility tokens are not investment assets, the government leaves ICOs out of the legal framework. On the contrary, STOs fall into the category of activities that offer an investment contract under security law. They are forced to comply with relevant regulations, for instance, receive money only from accredited investors.

  • Though people are familiar with utility tokens, security tokens are a relatively new concept.
  • The test to determine a security in Canada is identical to the Howey test followed under US law.
  • Security Token Offerings (STOs) are an innovative class of security tokens that represent traditional legal ownership of real-world assets.
  • Therefore, the content should be clear, accurate, devoid of false information, and should mention the risks that can be faced by investors when buying tokens.

Nowadays, the London Stock Exchange market cap, for instance, is over $26 billion, which is pretty modest compared to the New York Stock Exchange with its staggering $30.1 trillion market cap. Who knows, perhaps an even brighter future awaits the new digital investment instrument. In this section, we first introduce our data set and give an overview of the STO market. Ensure to confirm if the legal advisor has in-depth knowledge of the Security Token Offering and what all is required to launch a token legally.

Choose the Right Security Token Platform

According to our definition, a security token is different from a utility token or a payment token. Unlike security tokens, the main purpose of a utility token is to grant access to a community-based ecosystem by giving its holders a consumptive right on a product or service (Catalini & Gans, 2019; Howell et al., 2020). It exists to be used/spent in the ecosystem and is more akin to a voucher. It is also important to note that utility tokens are typically issued by nonprofit foundations to the members of their ecosystem.

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Though people are familiar with utility tokens, security tokens are a relatively new concept. Before we discuss the process to launch Security Token Offering (STO), we will first explain what STOs and security tokens are. Security token offerings are highly secure due to the proper due diligence and compliance enforced before they can be issued. A security token offering is a revolutionary concept in the financial world. It has found itself on the fine point of convergence between avant-garde blockchain technology and traditional securities that grant the protection of investor interests. STOs were introduced with the purpose of bringing institutional investors on board in the crypto and blockchain era and allowing them to enjoy unprecedented levels of transparency and convenience.

Capitalize on security tokens opportunities

Other countries, such as the Cayman Islands, do not stipulate any particular prospectus and filing requirements with respect to STOs. We create a unique and comprehensive data set of STOs, based on proprietary data obtained from Digital Asset Network (DAN) as of December 31, 2019. We augment this data set with additional STOs identified from various other aggregator websites.Footnote 16 As shown in Table 2, Panel A, our initial sample includes 280 offerings labeled as STOs.

During the second phase, the team appoints a corporate financial advisor and a lawyer to help with the design of the offering. The corporate financial advisor is familiar with the STO process, similar to an investment bank that works on IPOs. The lawyer is an expert in securities laws and DLTs and can advise on various matters, including STO regulations, prospectus issuance, mandatory lockup periods, investor requirements, solicitation, and applicable exemptions. Together with its advisors, the team finalizes the offering documents, which typically include an investor deck, a whitepaper, a term sheet, a prospectus, and purchase or subscription agreements.

What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

Additionally, a platform is necessary to issue the tokens and to manage the pre-sale. It is important to rely on a trusted partner to deal with the technological framework in order to avoid compliance and technical issues. Token Tool by Bitbond can for example be used to easily mint your own token and to set up and manage an STO.

By extension, this is also a fundamental difference with an initial public offering (IPO). The key element that security tokens have in common with utility tokens is that both are issued on distributed ledgers. First, we explain why the STO market, still in its infancy, is an integral part of entrepreneurial finance. Tokens — either security tokens, utility tokens, or payment tokens — are sto development company digital assets issued on a blockchain. The specificity of security tokens is that they are investment products (e.g., stocks and bonds) and thus usually confer cashflow rights to investors and, in some cases, also voting rights. Therefore, taking these differences into account is important in entrepreneurial finance since startup financing and development are the outcomes under study.

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Debt tokens are similar to short-term loans and represent debt instruments such as real estate mortgages, and/or corporate bonds. The information of the debt issuance is stored on the blockchain by creating a smart contract. The two primary types of debt tokens are stable debt tokens, and variable debt tokens, depending on the interest rate structure. Tokenised Security Offerings are backed by assets and are fully compliant with regulatory governance.

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